Product Review: Garnier Ultimate Blends

If like me you’ve experimented on your hair with colour, you know the importance of hair care, those luscious conditioners are not just great smelling but also a must if you have curly hair like me.

I was pretty intrigued by Garnier Natural Blends when it launched and was super excited to try it out to see how it would affect my thick locks.



Firstly this post isn’t sponsored and also just my opinion based on my hair so please share your experience with me if you have tried the product recently.

I really enjoyed the smell and texture of the Garnier Natural Blends and the conditioner works great as a mask. I put it on the night before and it didn’t leave an oily residue or turn into a gooey mess!

I loved the shampoo but it did leave it a residue on my hair which made it look a little dull and clumpy. Overall, I’d use the conditioner as a mask but wouldn’t commit to the shampoo as my go to product.

Great packaging and fragrance, though, give it a try and let me know what you thought!


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