So You’re Ready to Buy a House

We recently went through all the nightmarish admin hell of purchasing a property and I figured I should probably write a series on it.

So here, goes nothing. Let’s start with the simple starting process.

Prepare a checklist

Have you checked your credit rating?

Decided on a location?

Type of home?

Calculated your how much you can afford?

These are some things you should have on your checklist before you get the ball rolling with a search for your dream home:


You have to have debt in order to make debt, this is the twisted way of the banking world so ensure your credit card or any other debt is paid religiously because one late payment can affect your ability to get a home loan.


Another cash expense: closing costs. Whatever your loan source, you’ll also need money to pay bond costs and transfer fees. This, my friends is where all your savings will go – no you will not be able to buy that awesome couch you wanted.

Check out how much money you’ll need for transfers here.

Type of Home

Are you looking for a flat or security complexed home? Keep in mind you will be paying levies as well as rates – Yes, South Africa is a money vacuum when it comes to property!

If you are looking for a free standing home, can you maintain it? The possibilities are endless!


This is the big question! As a guideline, your instalment should not be more than 25% – 30% of your income, before tax and deductions.


Once you’ve figured most things out, the search begins 🙂

Hit me up if you have any questions.




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