Book Review: “Kiss The Girls” by James Patterson

During my holiday I had the pleasure of walking into Reader’s Warehouse pop up store in the V&A Waterfront where I purchased a few of my favourite books! The minute I saw “Kiss the girls by James Patterson, I just had to get it. I had watched the movie a million times and loved the storyline so reading the book has always been on my list.

James Patterson- Kiss the Girls

Here’s my review:

Let me start off by saying that I felt Kiss The Girls was a great book. Good on suspense, good on a nice volume of action, and great at creeping me the hell out with two vicious serial killers. And I can now say, I’m a fan of Alex Cross. Hes not your average detective in the sense that he’s a man that acknowledges the ugly reality of death and murder, the way it rips at your soul and heart as a man of the law. He puts his all into a case, and because of that struggles with not getting lost in it, not letting the harsh and bloody ugliness that murder can toll on you. Basically, he’s real 100%…complete three dimensional, and I very much look for that in my detectives.

Good luck trying to put this one down after starting it. From start to finish this book will have you sweating with anticipation of what’s to come. James Patterson does a great job of putting realistic characters in believable situations that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The story is about a detective named Alex Cross who is called on to try to find two notorious serial killers. Patterson describes them as twin killers. But are they really related? You will encounter some of the most gruesome and horrific murders. The story has another twist to it. Cross’s niece goes missing from her college campus. Now the investigation is personal.

This book is quick read and one worth reading. If you like constant excitement this is the book for you. This book will not disappoint.


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